Gilgal: a rediscovered, priceless chapter in our history

Do you know the significance of Gilgal? The purpose of the location is to teach the nations. Please read these verse's from Joshua 4 Living Bible (TLB)

21 Then Joshua explained again the purpose of the stones: “In the future,” he said, “when your children ask you why these stones are here and what they mean, 22 you are to tell them that these stones are a reminder of this amazing miracle—that the nation of Israel crossed the Jordan River on dry ground! 23 Tell them how the Lord our God dried up the river right before our eyes and then kept it dry until we were all across! It is the same thing the Lord did forty years ago[b] at the Red Sea! 24 He did this so that all the nations of the earth will realize that Jehovah is the mighty God, and so that all of you will worship him forever.”

Did you just read that? The 24th verses says.. God selected Gilgal so that all the nations of the earth will realize HE is the one and only God. And that all will worship Him forever!

What if someone offered you the opportunity to preserve and protect the Gilgal site in Israel so that the world can come and see it? If that one site had the potential to bring honor to our God among the nations would you want to be involved?

If you said YES! Right now, click the link at the bottom of this page and join others as we honor the Lord. Let us display your name as one who believes in the Father and the Son. Once you click the link then you will be given options to make a donation or simply become our prayer partner in announcing to the nations the glory of God. Are you in?

Imagine no more. This is that offer!

Presenting, the GILGAL EDUCATION CENTER, adjacent to that part of the Jordan River...

Since 2008, Father's House Educational Foundation has been taking groups to this amazing yet little known archaeological discovery.

The Moshav Argaman, a small farm village on the west side of the Jordan River, has leased this holy site to the Moreshet (Heritage) Foundation Israel (MHF Israel). The purpose of the lease is to preserve this holy site and develop the area around as a place of worship, education and enjoyment for generations to come.
Father's House Educational Foundation is a support partner of MHF Israel in the development and promotion of this remarkable educational opportunity.  Together, we are making it possible for people of all faiths to visit and study on-site with insight!

Imagine! You actually have a vital role to play in redeeming God's covenant land for this and future generations.

  • No monuments or buildings will be constructed over the ancient site, thereby covering up the recent findings.
  • Moshav Argaman & MHF Israel will keep the amazingly preserved stone-lined camp just as it is for the world to visit and understand.
  • The Gilgal Visitor Center will be built adjacent to the ancient camp.
  • Your generous support will help make it all possible !

The farming community at Moshav Argaman, in prophetic fulfillment of Isaiah 41, is working hard to bring the Land to life again !  By displaying your name in Israel, in prophetic fulfillment of Romans 12, you come alongside the Moshav Argaman, facilitating the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel.  To display the name of your family, congregation, business, or organization at the Gilgal Education Center in Israel, click the button!.