The mission of Father’s House Educational Foundation (FHEF) is to bless God’s people and increase their joy by creating experiences and supporting causes that…

  • Teach biblical truth and heritage in the context of the Bible’s land and culture,
  • Practice biblical ministry and mercy today, and
  • Impart biblical legacies of faith for the benefit of future generations.

We do this in order to make the Father’s unchanging truth more relevant, practical, and personal from generation to generation.

FHEF supports a wide variety of biblical education and mercy ministries around the world(see more at www.fathershousefoundation.org) , including the Moreshet (Heritage) Foundation Israel (MHF Israel).

MHF Israel was established in 2006 by an alliance of partners in Israel and the United States with the goal of building educational centers for people who…

  • Love the Lord and believe in the Bible as the ‘Word of God’
  • Desire to experience the ‘Word’ in its context – – the geography of Israel
  • Want profound and unique experiences in the Holy Places that will strengthen their beliefs and deepen an understanding of their biblical heritage.

Today, the Moreshet (Heritage) Foundation Israel has leased the property in and around the Gilgal site at the Moshav Argaman on the west side of the Jordan River for the worship, education and enjoyment of generations to come. Father’s House Educational Foundation is pleased to serve as a support partner of the Moreshet (Heritage) Foundation Israel in the promotion of this remarkable educational opportunity, making it possible for people of all faiths to visit and study on-site with insight!

Partner With Us

The Father’s House Educational Foundation in partnership with the Moreshet (Heritage) Foundation would like to display the name of your family, congregation, school, business, or organization at the Gilgal Education Center in Israel.  To learn more, click the button!

Your Family Name Displayed In Israel