At the Father’s House Educational Foundation (FHEF), we share with the Moreshet (Heritage) Foundation Israel (MHFIsrael) the ideal of opening educational centers for people who…

  • Love the Lord and believe in the Bible as the ‘Word of God’
  • Desire to experience the ‘Word’ in its context – – the geography of Israel
  • Want profound and unique experiences in the Holy Places that will strengthen their beliefs and deepen an understanding of their biblical heritage.

These commonalities have brought the FHEF and the MHF Israel together in a concerted effort to open the Gilgal Visitor Center in Israel.


Development is underway to convert Gilgal into a viable public venue.  Construction has already begun to provide road access as well as parking, power, and plumbing.

The Gilgal Visitor’s Center is designed to provide shelter, restrooms, refreshments, information, seminars, educational resources, and memorabilia.

Locally grown produce and spices will also be available; even the opportunity to camp overnight.

Your sponsorship will help turn all of these plans into reality !

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